Unsere 3D Druck Brillen

Unsere Nylon Brillen sind das Ergebnis einer Entwicklung die 2013 begann mit einem simplen Ziel: Die perfekte Passform. Das Material Nylon Polyamide charakterisiert sich durch besondere Leichtigkeit, eine matte Haptik und eine extreme Belastbarkeit. In unserem Laden in Kreuzberg vermessen wir Deinen Kopf und verwirklichen Deine Designwünsche.

Our 3D printed Frames

All of our 3D printed frames are designed in house, laser-sintered and hand-finished by highly skilled spectacle makers, using hand operated tools and specialist optical machinery. 

Whether the frames are ready to wear, made-to-measure or fully bespoke, we use the same materials and the same processes, and hold them to the same high standards of quality. 

Every one of our frames is made individually. We use human-operated machines for precision stages and do everything else with hand-controlled tools to ensure quality and consistency.   

Our frames are 249 EUR as standard.